Play OJO Contact Number?

We looked far and wide of a Play OJO contact number but were unable to find one. We found it easy enough to find the live chat. There is also an email you can use if you’re not in a rush to have an inquiry answered. It might make you feel a little uneasy that you can’t talk to someone on the phone but many online casinos don’t offer a phone service. This is often because players are coming from all over the world to use the casino. They might be based in Curacao or elsewhere and players are coming from parts of Europe, North America, and even as far as Australia.

The cost of having an OJO contact number would trickle down to the players in the end. So OJO cut that cost and gives it back to their valued players. If you have a real issue, the Play OJO live chat has a person behind the chat box. They can help you out with any questions, concerns, or issues you have immediately. We’ll let you in on the best PlayOJO contact methods so you can get help when you need it.

Sorry Guys – No OJO Contact Number

With the lack of a Play OJO contact number, you might be wondering how you’ll have your questions answered. There are a few ways that PlayOJO has made it easy for you. Firstly, you can always pop into their FAQ section, which really does answer a lot of the basic questions you’ll have. As a PlayOJO new customer, you may want to get to know the ‘lay of the land’. OJO has been designated to help you out and he does a good job of it too. The site is easy to navigate and any of those newbie questions you have are most likely going to be in FAQ. OJO was really diligent about creating a wealth of information in the section. You also have the live chat so all bases really are covered when you need a helping hand.

Email Play OJO Contact

Anytime you want to throw PlayOJO an email, you can. They get back to you during their office hours but rest assured, they will respond as quickly as they can. Do note that they aren’t around on weekends however so if you’re looking for a response quickly, we suggest you go to the OJO live chat box.

PlayOJO Live Chat

Of all the Play OJO contact options, we think the live chat is your best bet. You can talk to someone right away and get the answers you need. Although OJO doesn’t have all the options in the world, they do have a really wonderful customer service team. They understand the online casino and how it works. They won’t stop helping you until you’ve received the answers you need. You won’t find the OJO customer service team to be a source of frustration. They really are there to help. To get to the OJO live chat, you’ll want to be signed in to your account. Every page has the live chat icon so it’s easy to find and get the help you need. They aren’t open all the time. Their office hours are 6:00 to 0:00 GMT.

The Play OJO Customer Service FAQ Page

Honestly, we can’t say enough about the FAQ page and how much information it has for you. We would almost say it’s just as good as talking to a rep on the phone. Just check it out before going through the OJO customer service. The answer you want might just be right there. They use simple wording so it’s really easy to find what you need. Did we mention they also have an incredible blog? Many times, we would just google something and PlayOJO would come up with a helpful blog post regarding our inquiry. They have a robust amount of information and really look to help you as best as they can.

At first, we were kind of disappointed they didn’t have a Play OJO customer service phone number. As we started navigating through the site to see if we could have our questions answered, we realized it was easy. That maybe you don’t need a phone number to still offer great customer service. The Play OJO live chat is your lifeline should you have a question. There is also the email that you can go to and get a quick response. Everybody that you’re in contact with are really nice, patient, and knowledgeable.