Try Play OJO App For On The Go!

Are you curious about how well the PlayOJO mobile version? All it takes is downloading the OJO app onto your device and you’re good to go. We have vetted it all out. It is really easy to get onto the PlayOJO app with any of your devices. We found the mobile version to be just as beefy as the web version. You have all access to everything that you get on your laptop. You can top up your account, check out your play history, pick up those Kicker bonus codes, and so much more. We’ll walk you through what we thought of the PlayOJO casino app and how it measures up in the online casino industry.

How to Get Into the OJO Mobile Casino

We want to make it easy for you to figure out whether the Play OJO app is for you. What we liked about it is you’re not giving up any of the good stuff from the main casino site. You can still play the insane amount of OJO games available. It is easy whether you’re downloading the OJO app Android version or the iOS version. No matter where you play it, there isn’t a problem with the functioning of the games or the casino itself. We have found with other casinos that the mobile version is a bit glitchy with some faster moving games. Not the case with the OJO casino app.

What You Can Expect with the OJO Mobile Version

For one, you can take the OJO casino with you everywhere once you’ve downloaded the app. This means you can play all your favorite casino games while you’re waiting in a line at the bank. You even get some perks that aren’t available on the web version. We thought that was kind of cool and in fact an incentive to trying out the PlayOJO mobile version.


Not to worry, you’re still going to get the bonuses on the OJO mobile casino. You’re going to get those Kicker codes, get invited to Reel Tournaments, and be able to log in so you can take advantage of ClubOJO and OJOPlus. They aren’t hard to find and nothing is amiss.

The Collection of OJO Games

If you’ve ever played on other mobile casino sites, you may have been disappointed with the options you had for games. You’ll be happy to know that at the OJO casino mobile version, you can have it all. You can play your favorite slots, card games, and table games. You can even take in a live casino game like roulette, baccarat, or poker. You’re not going to find that you’re sacrificing your game play by going mobile.

OJO Payment Methods Fully Available

You have access to any type of payment method you would have in the normal OJO casino. If you need to deposit or withdraw, you can do it easily at the Play OJO mobile casino.

OJO Customer Service and FAQ

If you need to make an inquiry to the OJO casino, you can do it with the OJO live chat on the mobile version. You’ll see the chat icon on every page. Click it and ask away. The FAQ section is available to you as well so you can check out this area for answers to your questions.

A Special OJO Mobile App Feature

So we’ve established that you’re not missing out on anything with the Play OJO mobile app. What we haven’t mentioned is you’re getting something a little extra here as well. It’s called “My OJO” and it’s only available on the OJO mobile app. It makes it easy to access important information about your account. So you’ll need to be signed in to your OJO account with the mobile app. Then you can check out all the information you need to get you going. You can easily find what you need thanks to “My OJO.”

You’ll know what level you’re at in the VIP Program. You’ll see the points you have accumulated as well as the balance of your money account. You can also get your casino banking done through this area so you can keep on playing for money. There is a rewards section where you can collect OJO bonus codes and use them on games in the casino. There is a section called Pings as well. This is where you’ll be able to see any activity of your account. You also get advice from OJO himself as he tries to help you gain points and rewards. We liked the ease in which you can find things in the OJO mobile version and we think you will too.

We think you’re going to love playing the OJO mobile version. It’s really easy to download the PlayOJO app. Once you have it, you won’t have a problem finding everything you need to play with ease. You have all the games to choose from, all the support and security you need, and there are even some added bonuses. They really thought the development of the PlayOJO app out and this shows. You aren’t going to have a problem playing on your tablet or phone regarding of whether you have an iOS or Android.